Concrete Trellis Posts for Trellis support. Organic Safe. Lifetime Guaranteed Rot Fire & Ant Proof!

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Australian Concrete Posts are the largest manufacturer of concrete posts in Australia. We manufacture posts that are used for trellis and fences systems. Our posts are prestressed concrete hence they are driveable with a standard post driver, and have a Lifetime Guarantee - No Burn, No Rot, No Termites! They will outlast any wood or steel post. They will likely outlast the vines! They are excellent solution for organic vineyards as they will not leach harmful chemicals into the soils.
Australian Concrete Posts are manufactured in northern NSW and are proud of their reputation as a quality a reliable supplier for posts across the country. We supply regional councils, national parks, Dept of Transport and countless farmers and land owners across Australia.

Explore our website or contact us directly for more info how our posts and end assembly systems are perfect for a long-term and sustainable solution for trellis's and vineyards.
Email us: or call our friendly team: 02 6682 8614

Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd
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Contact Name: Suzi Mould


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