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Variable Capacity Tank

| Description of Variable Capacity Fermenter Designed to meet the needs of discerning winemakers, our variable capacity fermenter offers unparalleled flexibility and precision. With its

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Horizontal Fermentation Tanks

| Description of Horizontal Fermentation Tanks Introducing our horizontal fermenter tank, designed to enhance the winemaking process with its advanced features. Crafted with precision, this

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Open Top Fermenter

| Production Description Open Top Fermenter is employed in the fermentation process of red wine. This design allows unimpeded access to the grape cap, facilitating

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The Power Weeder

POWERWEEDER PROFESSIONAL and the POWERWEEDER MINI, when fitted to a brushcutter snipper, are designed to rapidly weed and mulch around valuable plants without damaging them

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GH Parts

For a range of parts to suit top brands such as Braud, Gregoire, Pellenc and more, visit

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